Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nokia 5300 and ipod Nano gizmos serves the purpose

I am one among the fortunate idiot in this world to clutch my hands around two hotsellers in the market at the same time.well it was in January 15 that i swapped my 3 year old nokia 1100 for the Nokia 5300 with 256 MB microSD memory. Thanks to my pops for buying me that without even a word of giving a second thought to it. 5300 serves all the purpose that an youth expects from a phone. its sleek and trendy with its slider model though not slim. The display is cool and outwits all other similar slider models like samsung 250. due to my greed of storing more songs i had to bit compress the mp3 songs using ease audio converter :(

it was during this time my sister and brother-in-law dropped me the ipod Nano - 2 GB gizmo. i started loving it. how many of you have faced a problem that end up in cycles? here goes one. ipod needs itunes version 7 for transfering music. itunes needs Windoz sp2 edition which i dont have. i started with the sp2 patch. no use, the same old problem that every average indian would face. i gave up the idea of transfering music from my system fully.i started transfering music from my friend's system. beware of ipods they sync with only one system at a time. if you join with a new system you end up formatting the earlier songs :(

Now am using my 5300 for taking has got a 1.3 MP camera. though not a great one it serves the purpose. Am now thinking of people who could drop me a Laptop with all these sp2 patches fixed so that i could transfer the music from my laptop to my ipod and another person who could buy me a BOSE speaker system so that i could connect my ipod to BOSE system to hear the music lavishly. could you be one of the two samaritans who could get me those?????

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