Thursday, February 21, 2008

Configuring Perl IDE using Eclipse + EPIC + Perlcritic

Though not an ardent fan of any IDE (integrated development environment), i just thought of setting up one for PERL. i decided to stick on to the one available Free & Open option ie, Eclipse.This tutorial is a sneek peek into the getting this IDE for Perl up and running in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

Softwares needed:
Eclipse 3.2

First Install the Eclipse platform preferrably 3.2 or above.Ensure that the JRE or JDK is already present because eclipse is dependant on that.As of now Eclipse would support java only, to set it up for Perl, download the EPIC package from To install the plugin EPIC in Eclipse, in the eclipse window, navigate to Help -> Software Updates -> Find & Install -> Select for new features to install -> New Local site. Now select the downloaded package and the installation would go on fine.

It is assumed that creation of workbench, projects and files in eclipse are known.Now we have come to the interesting part of setting up perlcritic. perlcritic is a static analyzer which analyses the file on compilation and spits out warnings in case it does not fall in line with Perl Best Practices by Damien Conway. This comes in handy to write efficient and discernable code.Perlcritic is dependant on a number of perl modules most of which are not part of gutsy but part of hardy. Before installing perlcritic from look into the dependencies and install those by dpkg -i file.deb once the perlcritic is installed configure the EPIC properties in Eclipse which is a easy one to do.

Now for perlcritic to throw up the warnings, install the perl module criticism from then in the code that you write include the line use criticism 'gentle'; remember to remove the this line before shipping your product :) Now you have a perfect IDE for Perl up and running.

I am still on the search for a perl source code browser something like cscope or opengrok which works for C. If someone knows of any, dont forget to share it with me in a comment!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Clive Cussler books got my attention after i saw his filmed masterpiece Sahara starring Matthew Maconaughey and Penelope Cruz. Treasure is a novel which weaves around the Lost books housed in the Library of Alexandria which were burned down by Theodosius in 390AD.Clive Cussler tries to converge two or three independent plots at the same focal point which irritates some times.The same goes with Sahara.

Dirk Pitt, the james bond's alter-ego of Clive Cussler stories is sometimes overhyped.The Author could have shared the intelligence of diagonocise with other characters too.The plot is thick at the start where Julius Venator, a roman statesman of 390's relocates a part of the invaluable books of Alexandria Library along with the Alexander's coffin (before the library is burned by theodosius) to an unknown location in the planet.Dirk Pitt and an archaeological team stubbles upon a clue which leads them to the treasure 1600 years later.

Also looms behind is a conspiracy by capasperre brothers to unseat the government of egypt and mexico by hijacking the cruise containing the presidents.COuld Dirk save the presidents and also dig up the treasure before it is too late? Read the book to know the climax.

good old pals meet up

Boarding the Cauvery express, V 4 (me,sen,subbi,Musi) transcended to Chennai.We disembarked at perambur where our sanikutty #1(sriram) was waiting. Slowly we tottered our way to his house and after devouring the yummy idly sambar we started to FossConf. After a rendezvous with Priyan and the juniors we had our lunch along with stylesen & Ranjani. We spent the evening in the Besant Nagar Beach with Vanniaperumal and Joe joining us.finally we had our dinner out there.

Next day, we packed and left for Mahabalipuram in a Auto.The Auto ride was exhilarating filled with pattrais.Though i had been to these places before going with friends is something different. At mahabalipuram we covered most of the places except for the five rathas.Later we came to spencer to while away the time, where vanni joined us.Some of the juniors who came to Spencers did not even care to say a small 'hi' which irked us, after all we mingled with them just like good old pals rather than like super-seniors when in college.No one to blame, because thats how some ppl react weird when they have someone by their side.Atleast they should have known that we are decent enough to know how to behave when there is a lady by the side. Later at the Chennai Central Shanoof paid us a visit, and the train started chugging along with myself trying to start the fan by rotating the blades with a pen since it was having some starting trouble :)

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Kolli Hills Trip

Another Mission(To Kollimalai), Another Troop(V 3 -me,sen,subbi, and our 5 year seniors - prabhu, Rajesh, Muthu, Rajasekar, Sadeesh,SenthilKAS) this time waded through the ourskirts of Bangalore to each salem and from there to kolli-hills. Under the command of Captain Muthu things were perfectly on track,like room bookings@PA Lodge, 1000 songs in 1 DVD. A traffic jam down the way kept us on the loop and we reached kolli-hills only by 10 AM. This prompted us to gobble up the idlies on the fly and we set out to have a bath at Akash Ganga, the waterfalls in the Kolli-hills.The ascent after the bath proved very tiresome and we rested our bones at the aarpaleshwarar temple sipping up a medicinal tuber soup.Later we got some picturesque view from the suicide rock and then we commuted at semmedu village to have Tea at a Joint and to have a look at ValVil Ori statue,ie the king who ruled this place.Wrapped up the day with Dumb-c.

Next day very early in the morning when the mist covered the whole mountain we went astray through the paths where not many had tredded.It was when we got the news that Muthu anna could get promoted to the post of Father any time.We started down the hill and dropped Muthu at Rasipuram bus stand from where he planned to catch a bus toTenkasi.We continued on our way to Hogennakal, our next stop in our
Trip.Speechless!!! the amount that we paid for the rowers ofthe boat is totally worth the view and the bath.The river cauvery fall from the gorges on both sides and we were rowing in between!!! Then in the lagoon we had a nice bath where i practised swimming with the help of Rajasekar.Sunday night 11 PM saw us cuddled at our usual residence of the weekend ie subbi's place.

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Bandipur Trip

This trip was undertaken some 2 months back yet, scrapping on the blog to reflect upon in the sands of Time.The inmates include V 4(me,sen,subbi,musi) & our seniors (SAP, smartsara, Elango, vichu,vasanth, shyam, ramesh, palani, sri and vimal).We started on a finenote by bathing at the sivasamudhra falls, and then continued forward towards Bandipur but fate thought otherwise and a mechanical snag inthe Tempo traveller made us to reach Mysore for repairing the
vehicle.Once done our indomitable spirits lead us to Bandipur Forest in the unlikely hour of the eerie night.We 14 ppl managed to cuddle up in a single room(all other rooms got booked) for the night and the morning rays saw us boarding the Safari van by 6 AM.Photographing only the deers and peacocks which caught our eye we started of to mysore.Out there we saw The Mysore palace, Daria Daulat Bagh in
Seringapatnam.We closed our trip at the forum departing our ways through the chaotic Urban crowd....

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Poetic!!! great writings

Recently i came across a community in orkut by name

'GETHU' dhaan aamblaikku sothu

The greatest thing about that is the description of the community. read it below and have fun!!! The community owner must be a great poet :)

neenga pallu theikkum bodhu kooda orkutla irupavara??

neenga orkutla,ice-vikkra-maari ponna kooda aiswarya rai nu solravara??

neenga orkutla irukkura parama attu figure ellarayum mt.everest heightkku yethi vidravara??

neenga sappa figure album paathu jollu vidravara??

idhulla edhavadhu oru category la kooda neenga idam petrurindhaal----kettukunga..

maanam getta naaye,
band-width waste panra b***u,
communaatteee naayee--indha community pakkam thala vachu kooda padukaadhaa!!!
po engayavaadhu poi scrap adi po...

neenga eenam-getta pasanga adikkira maanam-getta scraps ah paathu vendhavaraa?? nondhavaraa???

ivanga ellaam pasanga dhaana nenachu vekkapattavaraa?? dhukkapattavaraa??

pasanga inamnu innum onnu irukkaa?? illayaa??

apdi onnu irundhaa,adhulla neenga orutharaa irundhaa-----indha community ungalukku dhaan!!! ungalukku mattum dhaan!!!

join pannunga,mudinja alavu kalaasunga!!!

visit the community @

Another community worth notifying is "Sappai ku Laddu"
-Sooper figure ku, sappi pota manga kota mari oru payan kidaicha, vayir eriyira makkal ku indha community.

visit the community @

Guys dont miss those two communities forums chanceless conversations.