Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ponty why dont you look back in time?

What the few cricket fans did at vadodara is unacceptable.That too in India where hospitality is very well known.But Ricky Ponting's advertisement of this issue through press meet is quite weird.Some points to ponder here are

* Which team turned this gentleman's game into an arena to vent out vengence in the form of sledging?
* Which Team showed off its disrespect to elders by pushing senior citizens like Sharad Pawar off the stage to poss for Photographs?
* Which crowd spewed off rascist remarks on Monty Panesar and on the South African team?
* Which country all the cricketing nation fears to go? not because of the winning ways of Australian Team but because of the hardness of the players on the field backed up by their crowd
* Which Team doesn't have a sporting spirit and accept defeat in a friendly manner when defeated? Which Team hate other Teams winning the series or celebrating it and follows it up with a weirdo kind of a explanation for the defeat?

Australian cricketers consider themselves to be masters in sledging and make it part of cricket.If that be the case why are they annoyed if they are on the receiving end when Sreesanth did it? What actions Australian Cricket Board took when Rascist chants like "Give us a wave, Monty. You can't speak English, you stupid Indian. I'll have to say it in Indian.What are you doing playing in the English side? You're not English." were heaped upon Monty Panesar. Mukul Kesavan, one of India's best known cricket writer makes a point while saying "You did not see it with the West Indian cricketers because Indians always admired them a bit like Brazil and football. Symonds is seen as part of an abrasive, white team. But it is still deplorable racism."

Now With the srilankan tour of Australia round the corner,Bayliss,the srilankan Coach hoped the majority of people would respect his side, saying: "There's always idiots in every crowd, but most realise it's wrong and don't get involved."The same thing holds on for the players on the field.Some gentlemen like Adam Gilchrist exist in their midst too.Therefore it would be better if Ponting Stops his allegations and starts mending their ways to play a neat and clean cricket devoid of the so called "Sledging" that they Coined...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gmail joins the Mailbox size increase Competition

It seems that the gush of high capacity hard disks which have hit the market predominantly finds its way to the Data Centres around the world which powers the E-mail Industry.Recently Microsoft Hotmail Live increasing the mail box size to 5GB and Yahoo Mail celebrated its 10th anniversary by providing a mailbox size of Infinity from May 2007.Gmail which has remained the leader of the pack joins in for the fray too. Gmail which came into being in 2004 with a whooping mailbox size of 1 GB gave out 2GB in 2005 and released a "Infinity + 1" plan by which the mailbox size counter was always kept on the move.A graph outlining their plan attracted many Gmailians in 2005 and it is shown at the side
Gmailians would have noticed that their mailbox size have crossed 4 GB by now and speculative MailBox sizes are predicted all over the Internet.But the answer lies in your Gmail homepage itself.The counter is incremented by a javascript in the homepage where they set the limit to be achieved at a specific point in time.As per that, the following stats are arrived

Apr 1 2007 13:30 2835 MB
Oct 12 2007 13:30 2912 MB
Oct 23 2007 12:30 4321 MB
Jan 4 2008 13:30 6283 MB
Jan 17 2038 13:30 43008 MB
Jan 2 3456 12:30 number.MAX_VALUE = 1.79E+308

People @ Google Inc seems to have immense foresight however one question still lingers in my mind.The number.MAX_VALUE is the largest number could be represented and a value above this is called as infinity. So if Gmail has to stick to their plan of "Infinity + 1" then they have to score two more :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sivi - Remake of shutter

Last weekend we consumed some 6 -7 films but not on a single sitting :) One film worth noting is Sivi. priyan told me about this film when the songs got released and believe me from that day on i became the advertiser for this film.I wont reveal the plot of this Ghost based thriller story which gripped us on the edge of the seats. Not just that,even if we think of this film, it terrorizes us day and night :( The film is a class apart neatly taken except for the fact that it is a remake of the Thai film "Shutter". Though a scene by scene remake, Sivi strikes the chord by clipping off the gory in the ghost of Shutter. Even then it is a High_end Thriller.

All the three songs in the film have been rated high in the charts but it is a pity that "Neruppum" song doesn't feature in the film.This film is highly recommended for people with a strong heart.But faint hearted people like me should not also miss this because neatly taken films like these are hard to come by..... For people who doesn't know what sivi means, it refers to the snake which adorns the neck of Lord Shiva.. still dont get the connection?? well watch the film yourself, not alone but with an escort :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blogging is getting tougher and tougher

In college, blogspot was restricted hence i was able to chip in contents only now and then. Now there is no such restriction, but still blogging is getting tougher. if i started chipping in some technical stuff it would already be listed somewhere in i started blogging more on my happenings in my life. Since i spend most of the time with a group of my friends everyone end up recounting the same thing in their blogs. It has become more like a ticket booking schedule in the Diwali crowd (ie first come first write). This is one such attempt to increase the no of posts in my blog :)