Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HairCut creates a flutter

Day before Yesterday i had my haircut at the usual joint -Galaxy Saloon - Kamarajapuram. This time i asked that guy to do a Mushroom cut. That guy dutifully did his own version of it. To be true he did a nice job. Things started falling apart when i came home. There was a clear upheavel from both my mom and dad and i tried in vain to convince them. Last time when i bought my new jeans i faced a similar situation but that time it was only from my mom. The news spread like wild fire and reached even my sister in virginia within 24 hours. Hmmm stuck up in my house i could not get a proper comment from any of my pals even. i dont think next time i would go for this mushroom as this has already created a much higher hype than i have expected.
Then comin to the films that i saw this week, its "paycheck" which has been tailormade into Krrish in Hindi. Then i saw enemy of the state.

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Nirmalanand said...

Resumed finally :)