Friday, December 16, 2005

Personal website launch procrastinated

Two days have passed since the results came.The outcome was a new wave of determination & spirit.As always said "man proposes God disposes" last sem i wrote the exams too well but i could sum up a meagre 8.46 but this time i dont remember writing any theory exam flawlessly but as per the proverb things worked out for me.

I have drooled a lot about setting up a personal website in a professional manner.This has been in my mind for quite a long time but as always i had plans to do it big.At this point of time i didnot want to spend a penny either for the webspace or for the domain i surfed a lot for any good hoster who gave free webhosting name & also free sub-domains.but i could not get the thing needed. i mean eventhough they gave me 250 megs of space the Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP(LAMP) and cgi support was not given.these supports are needed for setting up a content management systems(CMS). am not much interested in setting up a raw hand written html pages which i had done already many times before. i was looking for a perfect CMS which does everything in a elegant way. Eventhough setting up a CMS could be somewhat tedious once set it is what one could expect from a website.

Having set many other CMS already for various other reasons i easily figured out that the mambo was the talk of the town these days.since no free web hoster supports LAMP for free i totally postponed my plan of setting up a website for another year.To just satisfy myself i just setup the mambo in my personal system and enjoyed the grandeur of the website. he he...i think i figured out a place other than my personal website where i would be setting up a Mambo soon.........

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

servers & insomnia

This week was indeed interesting after days of unimportant turnabouts. Because i was exposed to higher end servers which i have never even had a glimpse before. The ambience of the rack mounted SAN and NAS gave me as though i was looking at a supercomputer.Special mention to itanium smp server and ML350 and octal blades. how could i forget the higherend xeons i am working on?

we successfully installed GNU/Linux on all those and got lot of never before experiences.Even for exams i couldnot remember a day staying awake so long except for the days when i work on things in which i am interested.These nightouts are infact quite exciting. On monday night we had night lab and i slept by 4.30 in the lab.but today i am going to stay awake.with the announcements of results tomorrow am keeping my fingers crossed and keeping my head as cool as a cucumber.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ilya longtemp je t'ai ecrit

It has been long time since i have recorded my experiences.. the fifth sem holidays are here and am enjoying it watching many films in DVD (got a brand new DVD player combo he he esp for this purpose) Side by side am doing some useful work too. so far we have configured kerberos + ldap for linux systems successfully in a test bed. should do for other platforms too. Also under heavy pressure am studying for gre too. probably should write it in april. determined to give my best shot in the first try itself.

Things pending and should be doing quick are
* getting a passport
* getting a driving licence
* checking a eye doctor ( cant imagine myself wearing a glasses)

these days i am staying awake for a long time during night but could not get up early eventhough i tried all sorts of mechanisms to get up. things have changed in this regards since i left my school where i used to get up and sleep at any time i wanted ie it was under my control. once i achieve that stance i can do more.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This day That age

i could still remember the day i stepped into the pplab one year that time i was only good at animation and motion graphics none other knowledge in computer to make my mark and carve a niche for is true that i took computer sci as my specification of study in 11 and 12th and knew the art to some extent.It is at this juncture i met the Eguru of GNU/Linux.

well it was I. Amalan Joe Steeve who inspired me with his talk and assimilated me towards Free could i ever forget him?it is that thing that changed everything in my life.exactly one year before i was a newbee in eventhough i am not the best in it i have advanced from the position of a debutant.

The omnipotence of GNU pulled me into that is that determination that made me to go all the way to vellore to hear the words of RMS all alone(i like to travel alone thats a different story) that too without knowing the place.

there are many people whom i cannot forget for making me walk thro this path.Bamu and sap played a vital role in is a pity that happy days wouldnt last long.bamu sap, joe went out of the college finishing their course should this thing happen altogether? but the legacy left behind by joe would never fade.The essence and flavour of GNU would continue to spread through our college.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Day with RMS

Feb 6th turned out to be the luckiest day for all FSF guys in TN.i too was one among them.I travelled all alone for nearly 450 kms ie to Vellore a city where i had never been before.There i somehow managed to get to VIT (Vellore institute of technology) .I was there at 8 am nearly one hour before the guest of the day was scheduled to arrive. i just had a look around whew! what a college? it seemed like as though i had entered a college at US. Then the speech given by RMS was same as the GNU/Linux advocacy given already by joe.That day was indeed a day to be noted in the diary as i was with the person who was very famous

Friday, January 07, 2005

days passes on

The minutes passes on like seconds,the hours like minutes,the days like hours and there i am at the end of the five days after training. it is here that i was enlightened about the basics of my defenseless system programming arena. Till then i was much interested in Animation but i understood that as a computer science student i could use it only as a tool to elevate my presentation that is all. Here i was exposed to the things that i was totally unaware.In short it brought me to my senses, i understood my responsibilities. Soon things such as ego,difference of opinion, jealousy seemed to ebb out of me and i became a new ever hungry(for knowledge) Amphivert.
There is still a long way to go It is only now that i have started......................

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

First At Virtusa

Hoping that the first blog that i am writing here while i am at virtusa would stand against time and that would indeed help me to turn back some pages in my life when i am having a tryst with destiny in the ages to come,would boost up my morale and arouse the spirit within me to conquer the plethora of sterner and the sinister days.Now eventhough i am jubiliant in writing a kernal with others, i could not estimate the feasibility of it.Lots and lots of work to be done on it. indeed hoping for the best i am coming to an end of this small murmer