Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Elusive Freebie finds its way through

Upon purchasing the laptop, i was promised a freebie (that would be shipped ) which glued me like a child to a lollypop. I used to check up for any parcels that had come for me everyday and after this routine stunt for about a month, the watchman got curious and he too started waiting in on the parcel.But it was nowhere to be seen.

After some three and half months finally i received the freebie that one could only dream of.Well it is a pack of 20 English DVD movies.What then!! its movie time the whole of this month!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jesus lived in India

The following content is just a gist of the book that i read and it may or may not inflict my opinion,

This book by Holger kersten could be considered as an addendum to the issues dealt with in Da Vinci Code and the only difference being the fact that India is pulled into the vortex of the issue.The book is about the early life of Jesus Christ and His days after crucifixion.

The book starts of with Nicolai Notovitch, a Russian historian 's startling discovery of manuscripts in the buddist monastery of Hemis which details the stay of Issa during the early First century.He found the characteristics of Issa strikingly similar to Jesus Christ.Then the author takes us through the research that many has undertaken about the early life of Jesus Christ(ie before the Baptism at the age of 30) There is a lead which unveils a possibility that Jesus Christ could have reached India through the Silk route and settled in Kashmir in the Ladakh region where he came to know about the buddhist preachings.

The Author then shows the striking resemblence of some the preachings across the religions by quoting them from the Bible, Buddhist scriptures, and from puranas.Indeed some stories are similar.It seems that the world religions are more interconnected than we had thought.Later the author evaluates the new Testament primarily the works of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for any clues about Jesus Christ's early life.

Next he moves back to the time of abraham who is said to have lived in haran. This haran could well be the one in Kashmir and he gives striking resemblence of the etymological names specified in the old testament in Exodus and the places in the present day Kashmir.Then comes the interesting episode of Moses who liberates the people from Egypt and takes them across the River Jordon to the Promised land by God. This land could be Kashmir because in Exodus the place where moses tomb lies is specified and those 5 reference landmarks could be found in Hasbal, a town near srinagar, even more he takes us to a tomb in that town which dates back before the christian era and the tomb is set in the east-west direction customary of the jews.

Another instance is when soloman sents his navy to tarshish and the soldiers brings back gold, tukki, etc. This tukki refers to the peacock feathers and the hebrew language did not have a word for peacock hence it uses the word "tokei" as used in Tamil itself, easily proving the fact that soloman's soldiers reached the western coastal line of India well before the christian era.

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel is the most sought of mystery in History and some of their DNA traces could be found in the people of Kashmir, and in the north-western frontier region illustrating the fact that the Ten Tribes of Israel had migrated to as far as Kashmir in the pre-christian era itself.The book then takes us through the places where the shroud of Turin had been and the author explains why the shroud of Turin is real and not hoax.

Nearing the end, the author explains how Jesus Christ survived the Crucifixion and his journey to Kashmir with many proofs in literature(even in Koran!!!) and also by understanding the etymological meanings of places.By understanding the meanings of place, the author found the tomb of Mother Mary in a town near Taxila.Next he uncovered the Tomb of Jesus Christ in rozabal, khanyar quater of srinagar who the author claims to have died at the age of 80.The author is still trying to open that tomb to unveil the truth to the world with facts, but the tension prevailing in the region keeps him on the hold.

Based on this book and another, a hollywood film is brewing with the title Aquarian Gospel and it is expected to hit the theatres in 2009.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

This saturday i was in Friday

With a neatly pressed Cotton Khaki and a german flag coloured stripped T-Shirt on i set out with no particular destination in mind. At Indira nagar a college friend joined me and by that time rain started playing havoc and we decided to settle down at TGI Friday's (Thank Goodness it's Friday), an American restaurant chain. We were welcomed by 2 waiters with a big smile and badges all over and we were shown the seats. Everytime we visit a bar attached restaurant, the Bar menu would be promptly handed over to me and the food menu to the others by the waiter, i dont know why and this time it was no exception :)

We ordered 1/2 of mushroom soup each and i went for veg chimichanga while my pal selected chicken tchoupatoulis and dismissed the, order one beverage get another free(Happy Hour) funda explained by the waiter(Note : Coke costs 95). A look around certified that we were inside a sophisticated watering hole with couples holding each other's hand.The chit-chat primarily centered around how could these guys afford not only for themselves but for the damsels by their side. By then our mexican food had arrived and it ressembled somewhat like indian food with rice and chappati kind of stuff and it was not the type of experience we had at little italy eating italian food(details in next post).

Now comes the interesting part, the bill came and we found ourselves astonished, looking at a whooping bill of 1102 just for the 3 items we had. The net bill was 900 and the Vat of 12.5 % and Service tax of 10% amounted to 1102.First time i am paying 22.5% tax :) We shared the bill and left the hang-out place with a free gift coupon of 500 which could be redeemed next time(who cares?? who gonna come again? atleast if they had waived the tax part alone this time i would have been happier) .The expenditure spree didnt end here, as my friend took out his bike the Security charged 20 for the parking lot fee :)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

adding splash to life

Being a member of the fun team of our Lab, the onus of creating a poster for our Lab outing coming friday fell on me.Designing posters is an interesting job, and i used to envy the graphic designers for their creativity and the splash of color combination.Looking back at the posters created during my college days be it for cyber, fstival, primarily the base was a picture which conveyed the meaning. Thats the only thing i could think of. Somehow something new clicked my mind, and i experimented with Vector Graphics. Vectors are cartoon representations, be it human figures, objects, scenary etc which resonates with the mood.

The initial idea was something and it got transcended to something else in the end.The poster was optimized for A3 size.The base theme i used for the poster is some kind of exuberent mood in every vector, listing out the various fun events zeroed up on activities like dance, Sports, Relaxing in a scenic place etc. Next task was to come out with two Main components of the collage and getting the color tone synonymous with all the vectors used. Orange & Black goes well for gaity activities hence selected that. Churning up a caption and text was the next job. Once this is over, The poster is complete but with lot of blank spaces, hence patching up the poster took some time and the final output was attractive and appreciated :) Atlast got that thing printed out and stuck it up in all the floors.These posters brings alive the memories of the past if i take a look at them, hence i am holding all the posters which i had created in my college days too.The whole collage was created using Gimp.