Friday, January 07, 2005

days passes on

The minutes passes on like seconds,the hours like minutes,the days like hours and there i am at the end of the five days after training. it is here that i was enlightened about the basics of my defenseless system programming arena. Till then i was much interested in Animation but i understood that as a computer science student i could use it only as a tool to elevate my presentation that is all. Here i was exposed to the things that i was totally unaware.In short it brought me to my senses, i understood my responsibilities. Soon things such as ego,difference of opinion, jealousy seemed to ebb out of me and i became a new ever hungry(for knowledge) Amphivert.
There is still a long way to go It is only now that i have started......................

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

First At Virtusa

Hoping that the first blog that i am writing here while i am at virtusa would stand against time and that would indeed help me to turn back some pages in my life when i am having a tryst with destiny in the ages to come,would boost up my morale and arouse the spirit within me to conquer the plethora of sterner and the sinister days.Now eventhough i am jubiliant in writing a kernal with others, i could not estimate the feasibility of it.Lots and lots of work to be done on it. indeed hoping for the best i am coming to an end of this small murmer