Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Pixar guys never fail to amaze in any of their releases and this time its not just with their animation prowness but with a touching and gripping storyline. I didn't feel a bit of sleep coming in when I saw this one from 1:30AM to 3:15AM yesterday night. Wall.E is an animated full length film, revolving around the protagonist Wall.E [Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class] the last robot[this character carves a niche that many real life actors fail to] that was left without powering off when humans left the Earth. The story is projected to take place some 800 years into the future when the earth is no longer habited and humans have migrated to a highly sophisticated fully automated spacecraft Axiom.

Wall.E's daily chores brings in a sympathy for the ever working Robo. The she-protagonist of the film Eve[Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator] arrives in style and Wall.E falls head over heels for her. When the first sign of vegetation in the form of a plant is found, Eve takes that back to Axiom's captain. Wall.E dutifully follows her and how they overcome the ship's Main Robo's devious plan of destroying the plant and preventing the humans from migrating back to Earth to recolonize is the remaining story.

If the emotional ending of Wall.E touches the heart, the film's credit showing the dedication of the film in the loving memory of Justin Wright and the real story of Justin Wright brings one to tears. It is a pity that a film like this managed to bag just an Oscar, while a not so appealing many others bagged a lot(I have nothing against Slumdog Millionaire, But I feel(Which I am entitled to) Wall.E deserved a much better appreciation than what it was showered upon). The storyline delineates the state of affairs we would be in if we do not put an end to the excess of garbage that we are throwing out.Way to go Pixar!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coorg Trip

Never expected a day before the trip that I would be packing myself to Coorg, such was the pace of our decision. This time we hired a Qualis @ Rs6/KM and the inmates were Myself, Shyam, Yuva, Bharathi, Subbi & Sridhar. This time people came to my house and we started by 12 Midnight. As we hit the mysore road, the driver started showing his weariness and slowly we reached mandya and parked ourselves in one of the CCD in the Mysore road.We had a great time out there sipping coffee(2:30AM) and trying out photography @ slow shutter speeds(took pics of the traffic) By 3:00 we started again, and moved towards srirangapatna, and from there through the deserted route to Medikeri(Coorg). By 6:15 the cold breeze could be felt and the desolate old buildings of Medikeri could be seen. We rented an apartment in the first floor of an furnished building for 1500(we could have bargained a bit).

Once we got ready, we headed towards ThalaCauvery a 35Km drive from our place.The climate was bit hot and the dry vegetation along the roadside indicated that we had infact come during the wrong time of the year. The green lush vegetation wetted by the evening drizzle, the mist covered valleys were the hyped things to experience in Coorg and we knew this time we aren't going to see any of them.Thalacauvery is considered to be the origin of the river cauvery, It is a 2x2 well like structure and a small pond nearby. If you are expecting to see the R.Cauvery grow in stature from a trickle to a torrent, you would be disappointed. It is believed that only from this point in the bramhagiri hill cauvery starts and travels underground to come out of the kodagu valley in the western ghats as a mighty river(the first dam across it is harangi dam in coorg). The breath-taking views from the summit of the Brahmagiri hill is hard for anyone to forget easily. From there we started to Abbey falls. This falls lies within a private property(first time I am hearing something like this.) We were lucky enough to see a good amount of water on it. Bathing is banned on the falls and a bridge across the falls was a good viewpoint kind of. Pit-stop-3 was Gadduge, three tombs of the kings. interesting aspect of these structures were they had adopted islamic architecture interspered with Hindu figurines like Nandi. To see the sunset, we reached the Raja's Seat a park cum viewpoint. We made a light descent from this place to reach a much secluded place to view the sunset. The path was filled with hip high brownish weeds, and this turned out to a good place to take some really good pictures as the descenting sun rays were adding a golden tint to the whole landscape.This was followed by a Light & water Fountain dance show arranged by the park authorities.It was around 7PM and we got some food parcelled and I bought 1KG of Coffee Powder(Half kg with chicory cost 70 and another brand half KG pure coffee cost 100) We slept like logs that night.

Next day, we vacated the house and paid a visit to Omkareshwar Temple. This temple architecture too resembled islamic style. we started heading towards Dubare Elephant camp on the banks of R.Cauvery. We crossed the river on our own by walking across the rocks protruding here and there instead of using the boats.The path turned out to be scenic and our walk the more exciting. Once across, we saw the horde of elephants eating, bathing and some were building some keep of wood. One baby elephant was having lot of fun running here and there butting people. After having our breakfast there @ Dubare Inn, we started towards Nisargadhama, an island midst of the R.Cauvery.We lazed ourselves in a boat for some time and then explored the Bamboo covered Island. We walked almost to the end of the Island, but missed walking along the rim of the island to make a circum tour. Taking some pics we hurried to the next stop in our path, Namdroling Monastery. The Tibetan settlement in Bylakoppe have built some amazing Tibetan style structures here. Once you enter the place, It would be hard to believe that you are in South India. The whole place has been neatly maintained and interspersed with many Tibetan Monasteries of varying shapes, colours and sizes. The mighty monasteries with many statues of Buddha and his incarnations amazes one.The vivid colours in the exquisite paintings on the walls captivates even the dull non-patroniser of art. I missed the Veg.Momo but ate Veg. Tukpa at the Tibetan restaurant out there.

From there we started heading home, and we reached our house by 11:00. Whew!!! it was one good unplanned-yet-a-satisfying-"Covered-all" Trip. Visit the Pictures @