Wednesday, May 23, 2007

bade adieu to Cafe Coffee Day - Madurai

This is the place which knows both my ups and downs. this is where i hang out all alone most of the times. This heaven was introduced to me by Joe. Later myself and senior sen used to come here. last year i had to manage myself all alone. The songs that they play using BOSE speakers would be in sync with the ambience.

Yesterday i went there by catching a bus.i could not place myself in my favourite spot(in the picture to the left) then i ordered my favourite combination - Veg Pizza and Lemon an Ice Tea. The CCD magazine is the one i love the most. This issue contained materials as how to easily breakup relationships. The citations of some people and their experiences of breaking up really made me to laugh at their pathetic situation. Thank God i din have any such relationships. Once i ended up with that i managed for a Cheese Sandwich and Cool Blue. Nostalgically shot up some pictures with my 5300 mobile. After that i bade goodbye to the CCD-Madurai.

I started walking to the bus stop thinking of the days when i walked all the way from there to periyar in the middle of the night.

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