Friday, May 25, 2007

lighter hollywood film stories finds its way thro kollywood

When murugadoss could churn up a ghazini from memento, Gowtham could make a frame by frame PachaiKili Muthucharam from Derailed & Selvaraghavan could brew up a puthupettai from city of Gods, wait!! where is the originality in storyline going?? These last 4 months of college life went especially great because my DVD librarian arun dutifully supplied me with his bundles and bundles of lighter hollywood movies from his collections. After watching those, i understood that the tamil directors prying eyes are on such films which could be made in Tamil with Tailor-made customizations for the Tamil Viewers

Not only the storylines are being remade but bits and pieces from the hollywood movies too are being inserted here and there.The fight sequence in Transporter I is cleverly simulated in Ghilli by Dharani. Even the Debutant PrabhuDeva skillfully copied the fight in B13(picture to the left) to Pokkiri. This trend is not a new one in the industry the film Vettri Vizha was inspired by the book Bourne Identity. I could not assess whether this is a healthy trend or not. But not all films are not like that. Some directors really put in their work which needs special mention.

Apart from these some really good movies like phonebooth, cellular, in pursuit of happiness doesn't get the needed acclaim in India while Spiderman and other things are Box office hits.

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