Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This day That age

i could still remember the day i stepped into the pplab one year ago.at that time i was only good at animation and motion graphics none other knowledge in computer to make my mark and carve a niche for myself.it is true that i took computer sci as my specification of study in 11 and 12th and knew the art to some extent.It is at this juncture i met the Eguru of GNU/Linux.

well it was I. Amalan Joe Steeve who inspired me with his talk and assimilated me towards Free software.how could i ever forget him?it is that thing that changed everything in my life.exactly one year before i was a newbee in GNU.now eventhough i am not the best in it i have advanced from the position of a debutant.

The omnipotence of GNU pulled me into that vortex.it is that determination that made me to go all the way to vellore to hear the words of RMS all alone(i like to travel alone thats a different story) that too without knowing the place.

there are many people whom i cannot forget for making me walk thro this path.Bamu and sap played a vital role in this.it is a pity that happy days wouldnt last long.bamu sap, joe went out of the college finishing their course should this thing happen altogether? but the legacy left behind by joe would never fade.The essence and flavour of GNU would continue to spread through our college.