Friday, December 16, 2005

Personal website launch procrastinated

Two days have passed since the results came.The outcome was a new wave of determination & spirit.As always said "man proposes God disposes" last sem i wrote the exams too well but i could sum up a meagre 8.46 but this time i dont remember writing any theory exam flawlessly but as per the proverb things worked out for me.

I have drooled a lot about setting up a personal website in a professional manner.This has been in my mind for quite a long time but as always i had plans to do it big.At this point of time i didnot want to spend a penny either for the webspace or for the domain i surfed a lot for any good hoster who gave free webhosting name & also free sub-domains.but i could not get the thing needed. i mean eventhough they gave me 250 megs of space the Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP(LAMP) and cgi support was not given.these supports are needed for setting up a content management systems(CMS). am not much interested in setting up a raw hand written html pages which i had done already many times before. i was looking for a perfect CMS which does everything in a elegant way. Eventhough setting up a CMS could be somewhat tedious once set it is what one could expect from a website.

Having set many other CMS already for various other reasons i easily figured out that the mambo was the talk of the town these days.since no free web hoster supports LAMP for free i totally postponed my plan of setting up a website for another year.To just satisfy myself i just setup the mambo in my personal system and enjoyed the grandeur of the website. he he...i think i figured out a place other than my personal website where i would be setting up a Mambo soon.........


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