Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ilya longtemp je t'ai ecrit

It has been long time since i have recorded my experiences.. the fifth sem holidays are here and am enjoying it watching many films in DVD (got a brand new DVD player combo he he esp for this purpose) Side by side am doing some useful work too. so far we have configured kerberos + ldap for linux systems successfully in a test bed. should do for other platforms too. Also under heavy pressure am studying for gre too. probably should write it in april. determined to give my best shot in the first try itself.

Things pending and should be doing quick are
* getting a passport
* getting a driving licence
* checking a eye doctor ( cant imagine myself wearing a glasses)

these days i am staying awake for a long time during night but could not get up early eventhough i tried all sorts of mechanisms to get up. things have changed in this regards since i left my school where i used to get up and sleep at any time i wanted ie it was under my control. once i achieve that stance i can do more.

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