Sunday, January 08, 2006

Seniors turnsup

Last sunday senior subramanian(HCL-Chennai) turned up in madurai.He had already informed us that he would be coming and asked us to plan for a treat somewhere.After some discussion we decided to have our treat at Bell - simmakkal which was ok for veggies like sriram,ranjani & on that eventful day we wrapped up our session at the Lab and started to periyar.The party-thrower turned up soon after and we all made our way to the hotel.It was already 2.30 and the stocks were running low so we could have just one round of serving. with that we stopped and then we went to the fast food @ jayaram bakery.

By the time we came out of the jayaram's it was 5.30 and then we went to Kodal Azhagar perumal temple where we had a nice little chat till it was 8.00 He explained about his experiences at the company and so on.He also asked us to concentrate on coding some thing great rather than fully concentrating on administering and configuring systems or networks.His advice made a impact on us and we parallely started concentrating on Loquacity along with CAS.

It was thursday night and Balamurugan(Wipro-Bangalore) came to college.He gave us a treat at Aarthy,my usual dining hotel.Then SAP (Trilogy-Bangalore) phoned and we talked with him(pity i missed his treat when he was here).Then i stayed at senior Sen's along with Bamu and went on chatting for hours together.Next day i got up late & could not attend first two periods to have breakfast with them.Then in the evening we stayed with Bamu till he boarded the bus.

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