Wednesday, December 14, 2005

servers & insomnia

This week was indeed interesting after days of unimportant turnabouts. Because i was exposed to higher end servers which i have never even had a glimpse before. The ambience of the rack mounted SAN and NAS gave me as though i was looking at a supercomputer.Special mention to itanium smp server and ML350 and octal blades. how could i forget the higherend xeons i am working on?

we successfully installed GNU/Linux on all those and got lot of never before experiences.Even for exams i couldnot remember a day staying awake so long except for the days when i work on things in which i am interested.These nightouts are infact quite exciting. On monday night we had night lab and i slept by 4.30 in the lab.but today i am going to stay awake.with the announcements of results tomorrow am keeping my fingers crossed and keeping my head as cool as a cucumber.

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