Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kolli Hills Trip

Another Mission(To Kollimalai), Another Troop(V 3 -me,sen,subbi, and our 5 year seniors - prabhu, Rajesh, Muthu, Rajasekar, Sadeesh,SenthilKAS) this time waded through the ourskirts of Bangalore to each salem and from there to kolli-hills. Under the command of Captain Muthu things were perfectly on track,like room bookings@PA Lodge, 1000 songs in 1 DVD. A traffic jam down the way kept us on the loop and we reached kolli-hills only by 10 AM. This prompted us to gobble up the idlies on the fly and we set out to have a bath at Akash Ganga, the waterfalls in the Kolli-hills.The ascent after the bath proved very tiresome and we rested our bones at the aarpaleshwarar temple sipping up a medicinal tuber soup.Later we got some picturesque view from the suicide rock and then we commuted at semmedu village to have Tea at a Joint and to have a look at ValVil Ori statue,ie the king who ruled this place.Wrapped up the day with Dumb-c.

Next day very early in the morning when the mist covered the whole mountain we went astray through the paths where not many had tredded.It was when we got the news that Muthu anna could get promoted to the post of Father any time.We started down the hill and dropped Muthu at Rasipuram bus stand from where he planned to catch a bus toTenkasi.We continued on our way to Hogennakal, our next stop in our
Trip.Speechless!!! the amount that we paid for the rowers ofthe boat is totally worth the view and the bath.The river cauvery fall from the gorges on both sides and we were rowing in between!!! Then in the lagoon we had a nice bath where i practised swimming with the help of Rajasekar.Sunday night 11 PM saw us cuddled at our usual residence of the weekend ie subbi's place.

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