Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bandipur Trip

This trip was undertaken some 2 months back yet, scrapping on the blog to reflect upon in the sands of Time.The inmates include V 4(me,sen,subbi,musi) & our seniors (SAP, smartsara, Elango, vichu,vasanth, shyam, ramesh, palani, sri and vimal).We started on a finenote by bathing at the sivasamudhra falls, and then continued forward towards Bandipur but fate thought otherwise and a mechanical snag inthe Tempo traveller made us to reach Mysore for repairing the
vehicle.Once done our indomitable spirits lead us to Bandipur Forest in the unlikely hour of the eerie night.We 14 ppl managed to cuddle up in a single room(all other rooms got booked) for the night and the morning rays saw us boarding the Safari van by 6 AM.Photographing only the deers and peacocks which caught our eye we started of to mysore.Out there we saw The Mysore palace, Daria Daulat Bagh in
Seringapatnam.We closed our trip at the forum departing our ways through the chaotic Urban crowd....

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