Sunday, February 10, 2008

good old pals meet up

Boarding the Cauvery express, V 4 (me,sen,subbi,Musi) transcended to Chennai.We disembarked at perambur where our sanikutty #1(sriram) was waiting. Slowly we tottered our way to his house and after devouring the yummy idly sambar we started to FossConf. After a rendezvous with Priyan and the juniors we had our lunch along with stylesen & Ranjani. We spent the evening in the Besant Nagar Beach with Vanniaperumal and Joe joining us.finally we had our dinner out there.

Next day, we packed and left for Mahabalipuram in a Auto.The Auto ride was exhilarating filled with pattrais.Though i had been to these places before going with friends is something different. At mahabalipuram we covered most of the places except for the five rathas.Later we came to spencer to while away the time, where vanni joined us.Some of the juniors who came to Spencers did not even care to say a small 'hi' which irked us, after all we mingled with them just like good old pals rather than like super-seniors when in college.No one to blame, because thats how some ppl react weird when they have someone by their side.Atleast they should have known that we are decent enough to know how to behave when there is a lady by the side. Later at the Chennai Central Shanoof paid us a visit, and the train started chugging along with myself trying to start the fan by rotating the blades with a pen since it was having some starting trouble :)

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