Monday, December 17, 2007

The Silicon Beast comes into existence

It was the month of december and it was dark in the evening, with the bitingly cold breeze wrapped around the smokey mist.It was the perfect timing for the rise of the black blended in silver.The laser Verve is infact the hood of the monster inside. It engulfes the victim with the desire to possess it. It bares one of all the sophistication that he has possessed before. It sounds the death kneel to other makes and defeats them with its stylish looks and sheer performance.It is the master of the Black which prevails over the others. Not many clones or equals it has,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Behold!!! for it is the HP's BlackBird, Emperor of all Desktops, exclusively designed for gaming.It is the dawn of the new era in gaming. No specs here. Get it for yourself from

For heaven's sake dont miss the Flash intro

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