Monday, December 17, 2007

Finally, Aragorn is here

On december 7th, i bought HP's dv2601 TX Special Edition Laptop. I christened him as Aragorn, the elessar who never fails. Truely The mark of the Anduriel Sword of the west is set as the laser verve design on my Laptop(just kidding, but the fluid design is cool). I had Windows Vista in that, and then i installed Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. The sound worked just out of the box.Kewl thing indeed. I am waiting for the free 20 DVD movies to arrive at my doorstep :) for the specs

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roop said...

I have the same laptop as yours (bought last weekend). And I'm gonna to install either Ubuntu Gutsy or Mint Daryna on it. Only thing I wanted to check was whether the System Recovery (from your D:) works out of the box or not. What are your partitions (do you have any windows-linux shared FAT32s which can make the restore parition, say E:?). (Neenga mail pannenganna nallarukkum: I am rheupeiti at gmail dot com)