Monday, December 03, 2007

The Saga behind Middle Earth - Lord of The Rings Trivia

Three weeks is too small a time to read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that too on the walks of life of an Software Engineer during his free times, if not for the Knack in narration of J.R.R Tolkien or for the Grandeur of the characters. The trilogy includes,

* The Fellowship of the Ring
* The Two Towers
* The Return of the King

Though the films got 8.7, 8,6 & 8.8 respectively in and bagged many oscars, they are in no way as expressive as the books.That too reading a book after watching the film made out of it would not give good impression of the book normally, but here is a book with a difference. Though i have seen these films a number of times, the book gripped me throughout.It is pity the book of such calibre was written way back in late 1940's and it became famous only after the filming of it. It is a shame that i stayed out the hullabulla of the Lord of the Rings release in 2001 to 2003 and saw the films all at a time one fine morning after the aura settled down.It is no doubt here is where the heart of Historical fiction lovers reside.It is a epic by itself set-up in a different timeline, different world, different species, different languages and what not.

For people who have seen Lord Of the Rings, it is just a part of the happenings in the end of the Third age and start of the Fourth Age.Not many knew that sauron the evil-incarnate actually was a servant of Morgoth, the evil valar(Valar=God in middle-earth) in the first age.It was morgoth who brought orcs into being and he had an army of Balrogs(The shadowy fiery creature which Gandalf encountered in the first part at the Mines of Moria) and during his time(Gothmog being the leader of balrogs) complete evil resided. The shaping of Middle-earth is a separate story by itself.The story of the first age, second age and other folklore of middle-earth are included in the various books like,

* Silmarillion
* The Book of Lost Tales I & II
* The Shaping of The Middle Earth
* The Hobbits
and many more to add

Truly the majesticity of Aragorn is derived by giving brief accompilishments of his 39 ancestors before him. The Story of Elendil the tall, Isildur Elendil reaches the pinnacle at the Battle of The Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Be it the High Elven Lords from Rivendell, or the Dunadians from the north, Tolkien has picturequely portrayed their history in the Appendix. The Rise to throne by Aragorn alias King Elessar of Gondor & Arnor marks the realm of Numenoreans of the west after a long time in history and the flame of the Anduril the sword that is reforged continued to flash against all evil.

In my Opinion, This is by far the best epic i have ever read, from Illiad to mahabharata, and by far the best novel in its category above the infamous Harry Potter.I couldnot take away the characters of my mind and because of that i bought a Lord of the Rings DVD rightaway as a memento of this great saga that i read.

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