Monday, November 05, 2007

Easylib - Kick-starting a new relationship

Last weekend i became a member of, a private lending library in Koramangala - Bangalore. Thanks to my sister through whom i came to know of this. Though i was a voracious reader during my school days, i couldn't maintain the consistency through my life.To ensure a steady flow of books, i enrolled myself with easylib.The nearest landmark is Maharaja Hotel. from there take the road opposite to it and then take the first left. Here is where you end up in front of the library.

They charge a refundable deposit of 500 and a membership fee of 100. If you want your book to be delivered at your doorstep just pay them a debit amount of 100 more and they would take Rs 10 from that debit amount every time a book is delivered to you. Its just that easy and hence the is open from 10 - 2 and 4 - 8 except on wednesdays.It is a nice hangout for book lovers who likes to have a nice rapport with the latest releases and the best ones in the literature world. What appeals more is your monthly premium (ie 10% of book cost) is waived off if your accumulated premium costs crosses 100. :)

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