Thursday, November 29, 2007

All the Fuss about Gmail 2.0

i was upgraded to GMail 2.0 quite before some my friends could feel the new GMail. How Google Inc chose me early i have no clue about.Overall i find some new features peeping out here and there. Some to list are

* Now group chat could be done through Gmail itself by selecting Options in any one the friends chat window and then selecting group chat.EMoticons are also added in the corner :)

* The all new sign-out of chat feature enables you to check mails without being disturbed by pinging.

* The back button in the browser is atlast made to use with ordered naming convention to take people thro previous pages.

* The new Contact list with enhanced navigation, and ability to to take in the form of vCards.

* Faster prefetching of messages to enable quicker viewing of mails.

* The new filter messages like these option in actions menu.

* Integrated Photo picker with Picasa web Album.

* Apart from this the availability of IMAP support is an added advantage.

* Ability to bookmark important e-mails which could be later reached though one has to be logged on into Gmail.

* Ability to share email seraches with friends.Thereby you could direct your friend to reach the mail you are talking about.

Brewing hot soon to be served are:

* Social Gmail, which comes out with a group out of one's contacts depending upon the amount of data you type, and how fast you respond etc, it would be more like a live profile. Also one could share documents, web-links,photos, what not through here itself..

* Gmail Offline, when microsoft office suite is feeling the heat of google docs, now its outlook's turn to feel the heat. Google is trying to come out with Gmail Offline with the google gears in the back-end, it is possible to check mails, etc when the internet connection is down(by aggregating the mails in local hard disk), and later when it is up it could be synced with the gmail servers.Soon it would become a full fledged offline Mail client.

* Viewing Account Activity: It would be possible soon to check your gmail account activities to figure out when it was last logged on, System IP address and all other log related information.

For the People who changed the segregation of mails into searching of mails it would not take much time to come up with yet another revolution.

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