Monday, July 16, 2007

Rummaging thro others playlist

I dont know how many people have this habit but i find this pretty enjoyable when i start looking into people's music CD collections. It has been quite a long time since i got an excellent candidate for this. Last week i had been to subbi's house and i faced a stacked up CD collections of Ekanth,SAP,Prabu and all. I was pretty engrossed in that and least noticed what others were doing. I started playing them in the philips boom box they had.

The interesting aspect of this habit is you tend to know about new albums and new singers.The two albums that struck me are Guitar prasanna's "Be The Change" and ARR's "Bose, the Forgotten Hero". Bose had some 10 songs and 10 themes. It is really great to hear those songs.Then i also had my hands on "Pray for me Brother" DVD and CD.After those enconters i watched the Raiders of the Last Ark, an Indiana Jones Trivia.

With the Harry potter's "Order of the Phoenix " film out in the theatres we are planning to watch it next weekend. COming to the "Deathly Hollows" i have not yet decided as whether to proceed on to buy a book or to wait a little longer. only time would tell.

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priya said...

hi praveen,thanks for ur info on this..i too heard guitar prasanna's concerts in net....very impressive...