Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An anecdote in my life

Accustoming myself to the new city has been the chore that i have been doing for the second time in my life. i am almost settled after some 3 weeks in Bangalore. i like the Bangalore times and Bangalore mirror newspaper.It has the right mix of stuffs i need. The night lights in Residency, brigade and MG road would attract anyone.

After many bumps with autowallahs who cheating me, i memorized the map of Bangalore so that i know the route that i am taken through in auto. These days i am even showing directions to the autowallahs :)

Yesterday one thing happened.i was in majestic to board the bus back to home.I was on the 17th platform waiting for any 300 and above number buses which passes through my house. to my dismay only two digit number buses whizzed past me(basically 2 dig buses are internal buses and 300+ are sub urban buses) normally those buses wont come on 17th platform. i made sure i was on the right platform. i waited for some 15 minutes only to realize later that i have to turn around to view the predominant 333 HAL bus waiting in the bay for someone to get in. what a fool i have been to miss all the buses just behind my back. Then i boarded a 317 and reached home. Such errors are part of human and are never to leave.

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Vineet said...

hey very inforrmative , now it'll be easy to spot buses going out of the suburbs and coming in , as an experinced person is one who learns from his mistake , but a cleaver person learn's from other's mistake .... so i thank you for teaching me to look for buses that pass behind my back :)