Monday, July 30, 2007

50% off ? total crap

My father used to tell me "Dont fall for any discount offer" hmmph, just now i fell for one. It was a saturday morning and i had no plans for the day. sitting with the Bangalore mirror is the best thing in life i would say. An advertisement in that attracted me immediately . Woodlands offers "50 % discount on outdoor gears" hurry i was planning to buy a woodlands for myself and this offer really made me jubiliant.

In the evening i ended up in the Woodlands store @ commercial street and browsed through the collections. cool man i found a perfect pair for me. it was love at first sight as it was exactly the way i wanted. Enquiring the cost made me to know that it would take away 2290 from my purse. And there was no discounts on it as the product on which discounts applied were kept separately in which i could not find anything similar to my pair. Deciding to go forward with it, i bought it.

The shopkeeper twitched a smile of satisfaction as i got down from the shop with a pair of shoes + woodlands shoe polish spray(175) + a brush (45) exclusively designed for my woodlands. Though i fell for the offer i would say that the shoe is worth the price :)

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