Monday, February 06, 2006

Yet Another High-time Occasion On-stage (YAHOO!!!!)

When Mr.Anthony Wasserman from Carnegie Mellon west and Murugan Pal CTO spikesource came to the college this saturday it was me who did the compering.As far as i know there was no flaws.but the presence of emminent people on stage put me in a very tensed position till the event came to the end.Then we had some discussion with them reg open-source and abt our plans for future and so on.Then Mr.Sen gave a presentation to the delegates about the CAS & Migrated TCENET in was much appreciated.i could not give a presentation on cluster setup in PPlab due to lack of time. Then as soon as they departed we went to Aarthy for the lunch.Then we returned back and then had a chat with everyone till it was getting dark.this is how we spend the weekend.

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