Thursday, February 23, 2006

Weird xperience at Photoshop

Last evening i had given the film roll for development and printing and they asked me come later and collect it as i had asked them to take a digital copy of it in a CD.This wish of mine proved to be disastrous as i assumed that the digital image is created as a part of their process.they never told me that they scan the photos after day i went at 7 to collect the photos as usual it was not ready and they asked me to return back in half hour later and i did it was not ready even by then i showed them how impatient i am getting on and how hot i am under the collar and then i had my photos in my hand.

On seeing the photos i knew that i have made a terrible mistake of giving them the roll.i had used the kodak 400 premium roll the best & the costliest roll available in the market.what is the use of crying over spilled milk?The chain of unfortunateness didnot end there.they gave me the CD and then the bill.whew 545 bucks just for developing 2 rolls and printing.for putting in the CD they charged some 170 (inclusive in the 545).after paying the money i demanded atleast a album for keeping these photos which would normally be given at free of cost at almost any place on earth.again they turned down the request.with some 60 photos kept together without a album i returned home.Another shock came in when had a look at the so called scanned photos in the CD.dreadful indeed. it had everything except for the clarity.

my 545 + 240(roll cost) totally went down the drain along with the fond memories of the industrial visit since because these maniacs messed up with my precious poccessions.From this on i decided to go all the way to trichy and give away the film rolls to be developed in my usual developing centre out there.Boohoo my precious photos of the kerela IV !!!!!!!!


Senthil said...

nice blog, looks good after changing the template. gr8 work. gave a link to ur blog.Bye

Arun Ponniah S said...

Hey, which shop did you approach for these. I remember its 'Photo Point', who digitize the sanps and puts them into a CD for free of cost. They also provide you a free album :) Das Photo Lab is also a good place, but I think you will be charged for digitizing stuffs!!

Praveen Krishnamoorthy said...

it was dinesh digital & laser technology studio at periyar :(

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