Thursday, February 23, 2006

Technozion - Land of the Scion

when i heard that my paper has been selected for presentation at NIT - Warangal i was out of bounds and soon after i returned back from kerela i arranged for the trip to warangal ie got the papers printed out and so on.Then i proceeded to warangal staying at the house at trichy and chennai for quite a little time.As i travelled in the tamilnadu express i was eager about the outcome of the competitions.Then as i landedin warangal i saw some representatives of technoscions and they directed me to a autowallah and he took me to the college.

At the registration desk i was asked to attend the inauguration which i did eventually and this thing gave mea outline about the college and then i registered with them and stayed in G block which was literally outside the college.The roomates were all from Andhra.after having a chat with them i started to college again for first session of LE DOSSIER SECRETS ie the paper presentation.all the papers of that session were just generic papers and this brewed a lot of confidence in me.That day i met keshav a NITW product and from him i learnt about dinesh, my schoolmate that he was not available for he had come to trichy.he introduced to some tamil guys and we enjoyed together in the INFORMALS ,the rockin night which had some cine comperers for the shows and competitions.

Next day i had a small talk with joydeep paul(finalyear) the CSE organiser about the opensolaris usergroup and so the morning session Ramanathan a NITT product presented his paper on search technique using DCOM and i knew atonce that he is a sureshot candidate in the prize the afternoon i presented my paper.from the way the people looked at me i understood that i had made a mark to some extent.That night at the informals we had some DJ from a metro and i need not tell how the we would have enjoyed that night.

Next day i chatted from the morning till afternoon with Ramanathan & Kasturi Rangan NITT products and the probables in the prize list and in the atfernoon joydeep hinted on the good news that i would hear soon.that comforted me and in the valedictory my third place in paper presentation was confirmed and i got a cert and a shield kind of and a cash prize of 2000.soon after it ended i met joydeep and parted.In the railway station i waited for some 4 hours till 1 AM as the train was late and then boarded it and came to chennai at 2 PM next day.

when i look back, i am indeed happy that my first attempt in paper presentation that too in a highly esteemed institution has come out with good results.probably should make this as a starting for a streak of laurels to be won.


Trilok said...

even I had a cool experience and enthu...and coincidence..TechnoZion!!!
I got a consolation :) for paper presentation in CS.

priyank said...

hi man.. thanks for mentioning DJ night in your blog.. i am one of the organizers..