Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yeah........It is 2006.

had plans to go home for the new year but couldnot. so i stayed at the house alone on Dec 31st. after returning for coll thought of going to some hotel and then to cafe coffee day, my usual hangout. thought somone would give me company but could not find one. determined to go to cafe i thought of starting by 7. but call it fate or whatever i slept by 6 and got up only by 9.30 Totally baffled i had my dinner at Aarthy's and then had dilemma like whether to go to Cafe or not but due to lack of company and due to lack night service buses from anna nagar i had too ditch my plans.

Some people stayed at home and some hanged out and enjoyed to the Xtreme in their own way when the clock struck 12 while i was made to stay back in which is neither fully my home nor a hostel room.quite uneventfully and with boredom the new year eve passed. from this on i learnt a lot and made it sure that to go home for any important day associated with some festivity. Its hard to stay back here alone and tamper with the keyboard for composing this blog when the year 2006 dawns and so many SMSes pouring in from all sides.....Yeah it is 2006

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