Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sivi - Remake of shutter

Last weekend we consumed some 6 -7 films but not on a single sitting :) One film worth noting is Sivi. priyan told me about this film when the songs got released and believe me from that day on i became the advertiser for this film.I wont reveal the plot of this Ghost based thriller story which gripped us on the edge of the seats. Not just that,even if we think of this film, it terrorizes us day and night :( The film is a class apart neatly taken except for the fact that it is a remake of the Thai film "Shutter". Though a scene by scene remake, Sivi strikes the chord by clipping off the gory in the ghost of Shutter. Even then it is a High_end Thriller.

All the three songs in the film have been rated high in the charts but it is a pity that "Neruppum" song doesn't feature in the film.This film is highly recommended for people with a strong heart.But faint hearted people like me should not also miss this because neatly taken films like these are hard to come by..... For people who doesn't know what sivi means, it refers to the snake which adorns the neck of Lord Shiva.. still dont get the connection?? well watch the film yourself, not alone but with an escort :)

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