Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trussed like a Chicken on seat no 43

It is the passenger's most avoidable seat, that too on a Worldclass A/C Volvo bus and evidently i fell for the trap last weekend.To make ppl understand the location of the seat, it is located in the middle of the last row in the bus ie, the seat at the end of the pathway.

Here is how the plot unfolds :)
The conductor paid a personal visit to my seat to ensure that i have strapped the seat belt(exclusive for seat no 43 passengers) properly. By having this seat belt around i could not even budge a little.My neighbour understood my plight and made the best use of it by conquering my seat little by little.All night i had to wage a war to keep a small part of my hands on the is a pity that i had to share the handrest on both sides :( The A/C slits are available only for the two ppl on either side and a cool breeze would hardly make it to the passenger on seat 43. Being a volvo, where the engines would be on the rear side and i became the prestigious person to sit over the whooooooooooring engine all night with the heat waves flowing in.Hot sauna bath for free!!!! Added to that is the glaring headlights of the vehicles coming in the opposite side peeping through the gaps in the curtain.And at situation such as these you would be blessed with a stinking snooring neighbour falling over you all the time!!!!!!!

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