Monday, September 10, 2007

SRK's Magnum Opus

Add Chakde India to Shahrukh Khan's best performance list and believe me it would top it all.Though he had a variety of roles round his buckle from a romantic romeo to vicious villian, the NRI and the Kabir Khan character suited him the best in Swadesh and Chak de India respectively.Many wouldn't have imagined that this baadshah would ascend to the top when he first showed up in Fauji, a serial in Doordarshan long time back.

These two film's baseline or the underlying story were pretty strong which added gravity to the lead role.Chak De India is a neatly compiled flawless picturing of how a disgraced hockey captain after a gap of 7 years comes back with a sole aim of coaching the undisciplined and egoistic women's hockey team to win the world cup thereby to redeem his pride.Some say that the story is similar to Miracle, a Hollywood film but i don't mind as long as i could watch some worthwhile films like this.The director's skill lies in clearly evading any romance or song sequence from the film thereby keeping the tempo on the go without any disturbance.The matches that are played are damn real

The film also delineates the sorry state of the affairs in the sports authority board and also the mindless cooking-up of stories by the media people. SRK's acting touches the heart when he leaves the home with a heavy heart and also in the end when his team wins. It would be great if other actors too tries something different like this rather than playing the same monotonous roles.After a long time i am seeing a film that is both gripping and inspiring till the end.I came out of the theatre wondering why SRK didn't coach the Men's team, only then it struck me that if he had done that perhaps his team would have won but this film would not have been a blockbuster!!!


Arun Ponniah said...

Thats a perspicuous, well written review! I meant, the review looks professional.

Praveen Krishnamoorthy said...

Thanks, what other thing to do :)