Monday, June 23, 2008

Chaotic theory - the buzz word

In all age circles, dasavatharam has penetrated Some are sarcastic about it for not being a Commercial masala, some are acerbitic for the involvement of religion. But look at it, it is a beauty by itself, first time in the Tamil film industry, a physics theory is advocated and illustrated with a storyline and it has become the talk of the town.It is not like a shankar's film with the stereotyped corruption problem as the storyline and the moral of the story being spoon feeded. The beauty of it lies when you do your homework and analyse the storyline for the interwoven chaotic theory. Here is a link to some analysis on the storyline.

The showcasing of Tamil History in the first 20 minutes with the icon character of Ranganatha nambi cant be done any better.When Hollywood derives its film from books like Bourne series, jurassic park etc. why dont the Tamil film industry make a film out of Sivagamin Sapatham, Ponniyin selvan, Paarthiban kanavu?? Dasavatharam effect still lingers in me and i feel Kamal Haasan is the right person for this venture.

Kudos to Kamal Haasan and for his well researched film "DASAVATHARAM". I am not saying all Tamil films should be like this, but it would be good if it is :)

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