Thursday, April 24, 2008

The wrath against the Software engineers

The Software engineers are the poor souls who end up being criticized, be it in films (Tamizh M.A, Arai En 305il Kadavul) or in the walks of life for the high renumeration package that they are receiving.When it comes to the dilapidated rise of commodities and real estate prices in Chennai and Bangalore, the software engineers are the most bashed.The people on the other side find the high salary unreasonable and undeserving. Point Taken that the higher salary has created the divide, but why spitting the flame at the software engineers who never committed the crime for the divide, the only thing that they did was in selecting computer science as their major in the college. The Real estate people took advantage of the higher salary and rised the prices, the common people who owned the plots earlier took it as a cue and raised instantaneously. At a grocery store people never question why beans are always priced higher than the potato, but they expect every job to have the same salary level.

During the 1960's Government jobs were the most soughted,In the 1970's it was the era of Industrial revolution in India giving ample scope for Civil and Mechanical engineers, 1980's it was the time that a Job in a Bank was the most lucrative, from the 1990's the craze for being a software engineer could be sighted.nobody bashed the previously most soughted jobs of their times.When the employment at the core companies were reaching the brim in the 1990's the alarmingly rising levels of unemployment was extinguished by the IT Industry. Could any industry challenge the IT industry for its ever increasing intake thereby keeping the unemployment levels at its check? In fact because of the higher salary the software engineers falls into the 30% tax slot and end up paying most part of their renumeration as tax, this goes unnoticed by the masses. When Dr.Manmohan singh ruffled the feathers of the Corporates asking them to cut down on the CEO salaries, did he consider whether all the MP's and MLA's in India had a PAN card on their names first of all and declared their asset owning properly? In a System where quota is given based on the caste rather than on the scale of poverty you cant expect anything better.

The Projects of the IT Industry predominantly comes over from Americas and Europe and hence the salary levels are compared with the salaries up there and tried to be in par with them. It might also lead to fluctuations if the foreign currency rate decreases. Due to lack of Domestic market this Industry is highly prone to Various risks like cut-offs and lay-offs. Ever heard of the core company shedding off its employees in thousands?? On parallel lines, this is more like a Stock market where you profit when there is a Bull-run and bear the brunt when there is a Bear-run.Easily said, but the high lucrative package of the software engineers would continue to be grudged untill a new burgeoning industry replaces the IT industry.

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