Wednesday, March 12, 2008

adding splash to life

Being a member of the fun team of our Lab, the onus of creating a poster for our Lab outing coming friday fell on me.Designing posters is an interesting job, and i used to envy the graphic designers for their creativity and the splash of color combination.Looking back at the posters created during my college days be it for cyber, fstival, primarily the base was a picture which conveyed the meaning. Thats the only thing i could think of. Somehow something new clicked my mind, and i experimented with Vector Graphics. Vectors are cartoon representations, be it human figures, objects, scenary etc which resonates with the mood.

The initial idea was something and it got transcended to something else in the end.The poster was optimized for A3 size.The base theme i used for the poster is some kind of exuberent mood in every vector, listing out the various fun events zeroed up on activities like dance, Sports, Relaxing in a scenic place etc. Next task was to come out with two Main components of the collage and getting the color tone synonymous with all the vectors used. Orange & Black goes well for gaity activities hence selected that. Churning up a caption and text was the next job. Once this is over, The poster is complete but with lot of blank spaces, hence patching up the poster took some time and the final output was attractive and appreciated :) Atlast got that thing printed out and stuck it up in all the floors.These posters brings alive the memories of the past if i take a look at them, hence i am holding all the posters which i had created in my college days too.The whole collage was created using Gimp.


subramani said...

poster superb.

Praveen Krishnamoorthy said...

Thanks pal