Thursday, September 07, 2006

Solaris in my Grub atlast

Eventhough i had installed solaris on more than 5 systems in the lab the attempt that i did on my system proved to be very hard disk was not properly partitioned right from the day i got it. (2 hard disk with 20GB + 40 GB hard disk) I left that work for later day but this procastination is the villian.lazily i just cleared one partition for solaris and tried installing but i had problems with the i tried once again by around 3 am and i slept leaving the installation to happen.i dont know what was wrong with my system but when i got up a mere 800 MB was installed out of 4120MB. i switched it off and started to college. that night again i sat and started installing, everything went on well till the last 10 MB was about to be installed power went off and my screen went blank. i got wild with rage cos of the fate and went to bed. Next day evening i fully formatted my 20GB disk and used 10 GB for debian GNU/Linux(which i installed again) and 10 GB for my 40 GB has got 5 partitions for Windows XP. Atlast i succeeded in installing solaris in my system.i copied the splash image from belenix and is using that in my GRUB :) My friends on seeing my system booting with that Splash image and also the three OS available in my system could not prevent from letting out the words "oh my my"

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