Monday, July 31, 2006

Dual placement Debut - Placed at HP

nearly a month has passed since i got placed in Hewlett Packard(HP) and i am making an entry only today in blog.I didnot attend Honeywell and Motorola since i was in chennai.Then on the eventual day i came in perfect formals for the HP apti but i had a shock in store everyone came in uniform and others in usual my buddies started teasing me as the one with confidence blah.blah.Then we all wrote the AT. it was very tough but my instinct told me i would clear that.also my question number when summed, i got the value as 7 my lucky number.and eventually they announced the result and i cleared it.

Then i got ready quickly for the Tech interview.The interview was smooth and then i was directed to HR interview.That too was smooth.Following that was the most toughest part. we waited for the result for some 2 hours.Then they announced it.My name came 3rd but it was in no order.i was quite balanced but inwardly i have never been so excited. They gave us a T-Shirt and they departed.our guys gave us the traditional podhu Matthu and left me.Then i called virtually all people in this world and informed them.Then i went CAfe coffee day andcame back late and slept believeing that i have a bright prospectus ahead of me....


Archu said...

i always wanted to work for HP..
gud luck :)

Priyan said...

U deserve to be at the best one da..!! congratss..!